Working with a Ketron SD40 and SysX Data

Can I send SysX data to my SD40?

Yes, you can! We put together a short demo showing a few steps for working with a Ketron SD40 and SysX Data. In our case, we sent the commands from Logic Pro X to our SD40. We also introduce the factory and user level bank commands for styles.

  • First, we select a user style from bank 50 and then send patch 13 which is a user style called “16Beat_3 (2)”.
  • Next, we play a C2.
  • Here are the SysX commands we sent in our project:
  • Arr A: F0 26 7C 03 67 7F F7
  • Intro3: F0 26 7C 03 64 7F F7
  • Fill: F0 26 7C 03 6B 7F F7
  • Arr C: F0 26 7C 03 69 7F F7
  • Break: F0 26 7C 03 6C 7F F7
  • Arr D: F0 26 7C 03 6A 7F F7
  • Ending 3: F0 26 7C 03 64 7F F7

Give it a try from your MIDI controller if you have one that can send SysX data or connect up your favorite DAW.


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Suuper, Hi I am looking for a complet Data Sheet for the SD40. I am very interested in the data comand for Dial up und low and also to put on the Registration botton. I hope you can help me.
many greatings from germany

This video is a great contribution to musicians interested in controlling a Ketron expander with a DAW, I have never seen this explained anywhere else, many thanks to Curt!
I would like to share some thoughts that came to me after watching the video. Five years ago I used to work with a computer-based DAW (Cubase to name it, but it could have been Logic, Ableton, Bitwig…). I had been looking for many years how to simplify my music set-up.and one day I had the opportunity to try a tablet (Ipad Pro). I had never owned a tablet before and I was baffled by the ease-of-use. My main set-up today consists of a MIDI keyboard, an Ipad and a sequencer (Garage Band, Cubasis, Auria Pro…) and many other musical apps that have changed the way that I record music. One major benefit over built-in sequencers (in keyboards or synths): I can record MIDI data and Audio (mic) at the same time. Almost perfect! Yes, almost. First I miss an arranger (Ketron SD40? SD90?), that is why I have watched this video. And second, after the initial excitement of watching Curt explaining that it is possible to drive a Ketron SD40 with a DAW, I have realized that there is no sequencer yet for iOs that can edit SysEx messages!
I can imagine 2 options. The first: use an additional App on the tablet that converts some notes (coming from the sequencer) into SysEx (going into the SD40). MidiFire could do the job. The second option would be to ask Ketron to copy what Yamaha is proposing on the Tyros and Genos : commands for style start, stop, variations, fills, intros and endings can be driven by a simple MIDI note of a specific channel. Then I could relax and stick to my sequencer on a tablet.

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