Wersi Styles

We are excited to launch Wersi Styles. In a recent survey, 90% of the respondents were looking for additional styles to add to their Wersi instrument. Thanks to Carlo, we can now offer additional styles for your OAX instrument. In addition, we converted a few styles from Yamaha that will work in your OAX instrument.

Here’s what we found for the styles that were converted from Yamaha: (the following comments do not apply to the Carlo style packs.)

  • Some of the styles are missing Break 2, while others are missing Intro/Ending 3. It depends on what generation Yamaha style was converted.
  • We did not adjust volume levels or what sounds are selected.
  • You can change those items to suit your tastes.
  • If you own an OAS instrument, contact Carlo directly at therealdrumfactory@outlook.com for information on how to get the same styles for your OAS instrument

If you don’t know how to import new styles into OAX or how to change volume levels or the sounds selected, we put together two short videos that show you the needed steps.

All of the styles are FREE (except for the Metronome Pack) for you to download. Simply import them into your instrument and try them out. If you don’t like one or more of the styles, you can quickly delete them. In addition to importing, we cover the steps to delete the stylers you are not interested in.