Wersi OAS Styles

We have some big news for folks that own an OAS class instrument. Carlo has been releasing a ton of styles for Wersi OAX owners over the past few months. We have had numerous folks contact asking for styles that they could use on OAS.

Here you go – Directly from a post Carlos recently made on our forum:

Finally, the time has come. After repeated requests, we now produce RealDrum styles for organs of the OAS series. Give your organ playing the live character of a real drummer. Your audience, both at home and away, will be amazed!

You can become a member of this group by paying a membership fee.
Here you have the choice between:

* 1-month membership for 19,99 Euro, (0,66 € per style)
* 3-month membership for 49,99 Euro, (0,55 € per style)
* 6-month membership for 79,99 Euro, (0,44 € per style)
* 12-month membership for 119,99 Euro. (0,33 € per style)

Every day we publish a new OAS-RealDrum-Style, which you can download as a private member of the Facebook “TheRealDrumFactory“-group. The prices are deliberately kept low and serve only to cover our expenses.
Do you want to benefit from this offer? Simply send a membership request to :


You will receive further payment information from us, and after receiving your payment, you will be accepted into the TheRealDrumFactory group.

So nothing stands in your way to download all available styles.
Hope to see you soon, in the THEREALDRUMFACTORY group,
Your RealDrumFactory team.

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