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I would like to listen all the samples you sell in pack 1,2,3,4 for Ketron SD9, but without mixing with other instruments and with styles, so I can listen clearly which sound is which, otherwise its difficult to know which sound your are selling. Beside that, I would like to know if you also sell styles and where can I listen to them. I have the original HD that SD9 brings from factory. Is that OK to install the sample sounds or styles?
Thank you

Hi Cesar,

No, we don’t sell any styles. The original HD in the SD9 doesn’t have very much free space. You can easily keep one-two of the sample packs on that drive. As you add more samples, whether they are the ones we offer or from other folks, you may find that you need to add additional storage to your SD*.

An interesting thought on the demos of the various samples. Something we will consider should we do additional demos in the future.


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