Vintage Organ Sample Packs

IMMusic is working with Jason Lee (known to many online as organaut) to release a series of vintage organ sounds that you can load into your Ketron, bringing back some of the great organ sounds of yesteryear.

Sample Pack 1 includes sounds from the Wersi DX and CD series of instruments. The group of instruments sampled in this “pack” consists of the Wersi Beta, Delta, Spectra, and Atlantis.

In the coming months, we plan to release additional sample packs including some sounds from Wersi Helios, Haven Crumar, Eminent 2000, Hammond H100 and X66 and extra sounds from the Wersi Spectra and Beta.

Time permiting we will try to record some additional demos. For now, here’s a quick sample of some drawbar sounds accompanied by Bass and percussion sounds from our Ketron SD90.

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