Vintage ​Organ Sample Pack 2

It’s been WAY too long since we posted … been busy with several non-music projects. As of this weekend (09/14-09/15), we started to work on some demos for Vintage Organ Sample Pack 1, AND we have started to work on the next sample pack.

This time around we will be featuring the sounds of the Hammond H100 and X66. Here’s a sneak peek at the sounds coming in the next sample back.

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Hey Ross – Yes, for Ketron but they do not work in SD40 as it doesn’t have the sampler feature. All of the Vintage Organ sample packs we release work on Ketron SD9/SD90/SD60.

Hi Curt,
Can’t listen to any of the H100 samples end up thumping the screen
nothing happens, this happens on 4 devices.

Dave – that ‘s only a screenshot of what will be released. We have not recorded any demos yet. We do have plans for that at some point in the future. Apologize for any confusion.

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