The PC to Mac Journey #3

It’s been a few days since we last posted about this. We’ve been busy working on the new Mac and getting things configured more to our liking. A quick shoutout to Bill for recommending Cheatsheet to us. It comes in pretty handing to help you with the various keyboard shortcuts that are available.

While we were waiting on the Mac to arrive we made a list of all the software we had on the PC and then went to each vendors website to verify if they did/didn’t support macOS.

It turns out only two didn’t support macOS. The first one was obvious and is the biggest reason we switched over from Windows to macOS. That app was one we used just about daily and we plan to start another series of posts to talk about that transition. What app is it? Cakewalk Sonar. Recently we mentioned the fact the Gibson has decided to shut down further development of Sonar.

What did we replace it with? Logic Pro X from Apple. So far things are going pretty good. We’ve done a couple of tunes using Logic since we installed it. Like macOS, we still have LOT’s to learn.

The other app that didn’t offer anything we could transfer to the Mac was Corel VideoStudio. We are just getting started with posting videos on Youtube for IMMusic but we have created a number of videos on Youtube for our other site, WersiClubUSA.

We considered two different apps to replace Corel and ended up going with ScreenFlow. So far we like it and find it easier to use than Corel was.

Since we have hundreds of music projects in native Sonar format and a number of videos that were created in Corel, our PC will be with us for quite awhile. At this point, we are using it as a second storage resource and it also hosts VMWare Workstation where we have a few virtual machine we use to test various things.

The journey continues…

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