Thanks for Listening

We really appreciate all of the folks that have listened to the songs we have released over the past couple of months. Even better? All of the positive comments we have received from everyone – Thank You!

If you are interested, here is what we have planned for the next few weeks:

  • Honeysuckle Rose – Will be released on 07/13.
  • Sonata in C Major – Will be released on 07/20.
  • Maple Leaf Rag – Will be released on 07/27.
  • Yesterday – Will be released on 08/03.
  • Bach Prelude XV – Will be released on 08/17.

You can hop over to our Simply Music page, scroll to the bottom and find the links so you can pre-register for each of our upcoming releases.

One last thing – We invite you to follow Ric’s page directly on Spotify or the “Just Ric” playlist that I maintain, and please feel free to share with all of your keyboard friends.

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