SD* Technical Document Updates Available

If you purchased the IMMusic Technical Document for either SD40 or SD90, check which version (located on the left side of the page footer) you have. The latest is 0519_02. We have added system exclusive commands for all 13 footswitches along with the ability to do a MIDI reset.

At this time we don’t have an easy way for you to download the updated version yourself, but if you drop us an e-mail or post a comment here, we will gladly send you the latest-n-greatest version.

You can download the latest copy here.

As we continue to find additional ways to control the Ketron SD series of instruments we will continue to update and refine the document.

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Hey Phil, What version do you have? Look in the lower-left corner. We haven’t updated in all most a year. The current version = 0519_02.

Bonjour Curt , je veux bien la mise à jour …Merci …
Avezvous les styles 2011 .sto pour wersi ?
Bonne journée

Jean – Your update is on the way. Regarding your Wersi question, no, we don’t have a copy of the 2011 styles. Sorry ’bout that!

Salut Jean

Les styles 2011 font partie des packages d’activation de l’OAS pour lesquels vous aurez besoin d’une clé d’activation. Vous pouvez l’acheter dans le magasin de musique à: –;pgid=Y34gU8I_w99SRpFqpZomPsqt0000k-1QH-4

Notez que ce sont uniquement pour les instruments OAS, pas OAX, et que vous aurez également besoin de l’activation de l’OAA pour les exécuter.


Hi Jean,

The 2011 styles are one of the OAS activation packages for which you will need an activation key. You can purchase this from the Music Store at:-;pgid=Y34gU8I_w99SRpFqpZomPsqt0000k-1QH-4

Note that these are for OAS instruments only, not OAX, and you will also need the OAA activated to run them.


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