Sample Pack 02

You spoke, we listened. Our original plan was to alternate between vintage organs and contemporary sounds, but feedback in our Facebook group and offline messages suggested that many of you were more interested in contemporary sounds. Specifically Brass and Guitar sounds.

Announcing Sample Pack 02. Twelve new sounds that you can use stand-alone or mix with existing sounds on your instrument.

With this sound pack, we are also introducing what we will be referring to as “Combi-Sounds.” What’s a Combi-Sound? It’s where we take two (or more sounds) and combine them into one. In this pack, you will find two of those. One is called IMM Flut&Cello, while the other is called IMM Flut&FrHorn.

Download your copy.

We put together some demos for you featuring each of the samples. Take a listen and let us know what you think?

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