Our Last Words on Cakewalk Sonar

Unless some other company swoops in to save the day, our final thoughts on the shutdown of Sonar. A sad day as we will be removing Cakewalk Sonar from our Link section soon. While we are still looking at options, at this point we are leaning heavily towards Logic Pro X. If you are a current Cakewalk Sonar customer and have questions regarding the status of the product, updates etc. the FAQ they posted might have your answers?

Our plan?

  • Over time we will be migrating to a new DAW.
    • We are not comfortable staying on unsupported software for too long. Having grown up and made a living in the IT Support world – Never a good thing to get to far down-level.
    • Granted Sonar will continue to run for many months, if not years, into the future.
  • As mentioned above, not sure which one just yet, but Logic Pro X is pretty much at the top of our list.
    • Why? We work with someone else that is already running Logic.
    • We currently transfer data back and forth between Logic and Sonar as MIDI files then make needed changes and save in native Sonar “project” format.
    • It would be much nicer to simply open up a Logic “project” with all the various settings and configurations in place and continue to work in the native Logic format. No question a time saver for us.
    • Logic integrates very nicely with Komplete Kontrol and our S61 controller.
    • Related – We are already heavy into the Apple ecosystem for a number of other things.
  • The downside? Need to purchase a Mac to run Logic on… ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Assuming we eventually do go down the Apple path:
    • We will virtualize our current Windows machine hosting Sonar using VMWare.
    • Once that is done we will re-purpose the Windows machine for another use.
    • We don’t expect to do any production related work in the virtualized environment.
    • However, the VM will give us the ability to access the hundreds on Sonar projects that we have worked on over the years.
    • If we find that we need to work with one of those projects for some reason, simply fire up the VM and Sonar, transfer the needed information out of Sonar for re-work and then save the file in Logic format.

Do you plan to continue with Sonar or looking for a new DAW?




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