OAX – Multiple Reverb Settings?

Paul asked an interesting question over on the IMMusic Forum regarding using multiple Reverb settings in OAX. Like Paul, we are slightly confused with the concept of applying two different Reverb effects to a single sound.

The folks from Wersi sent me some additional information on the implementation of the Reverb effects in OAX. Let’s take a closer look. If you are unsure how to get to these settings, double click on the sound you would like to work with, and you will see a screen similar to this.


A couple of comments on the image above. We are in the “Pro” mode vs. the “Easy Play” mode. Take note that there are two Reverb controls (Rev 1 & Rev 2). Also, notice that under each slider, it’s highlighted in green and says “from Sliders” vs. “from Sound.”

When set to “from Slider,” we control the amount of Reverb in use vs. the “from Sound” setting, which will use the reverb settings that Wersi set for the voice.

Next, let’s take a look at the signal path:


Although in our first screenshot, we show a sound selected on “Upper 1,” the same Reverb options can be applied to all sounds, as noted in the diagram above.

To change the type of Reverb effects that are in use, touch “Effects” on the right side of the main screen of OAX, and you will see:


In addition to setting the Delay and Chorus effects, you see that we can select different Reverb effects for Reverb 1 and Reverb 2. Over on the right side of the screen, the sliders allow you to modify whatever Reverb you choose. Once you have changed the settings, you can save it as a User Effect preset. Of course, you can then select your new “User Effects Preset” and save that as part of a “Total Preset.”

Have you modified any of the Reverb settings and saved them as your own configuration?

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A little more on this topic:

It’s common in a studio setting to have multiple reverbs and the mix engineer selecting a different type of reverb or the amount of reverb used on various tracks.

In the case of OAX, there are no interactions between Rev 1 and Rev 2, and they are entirely independent.
When using the sliders in the “Standard Controls” section:
“From Sound” is the Wersi suggestion for the selected sound.
“From Slider” shows up as soon as you move the slider and puts you in control of the reverb amount.
Two examples to demonstrate:
(Grand Piano) – Reverb 1 uses the “short” reverb set to 21%, and Rev 2 is 0%.
(Brass Section) – Reverb 1 is at 0% and Rev 2 is at 85% and using the “long” reverb

Take a Listen:

Wow, great explanation! I was able to make a Preset with way too much reverb much, much cleaner using this information. No new sounds needed, just some tweaks.
Now if I could just figure out how Chorus works.

Thanks Curt

I haven’t saved any as my own configuration but I did have a play about with the different standard choices originally and then got confused as to the inter-actions between these settings, Reverb 1& 2 together AND use of the sliders !

So, it seems that
(1) you can configure Reverb 1 & 2 to the standard choices (Normal, Long, Short etc) or
(2) customise these to your own taste and
(3) save them as a User Effect Preset.

Then, I presume that choosing the “from Slider” setting for Reverb 1 or 2 applies the overall setting from (1) or (2) between 0-100% ? This still seems a bit counter-intuitive as it then over-rides your chosen setting (eg Normal) unless you choose 100%?? So, would 20% slider for Normal equate to 100% of Short for example??

I’m still unclear how Reverb 1 & 2 then interact – do you just use them independently and select 0% slider on 1 and 100% on the other?

Sorry if I’m being a bit slow amd missing something here !!

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