New Video Series Coming!

It’s been quite some time since we released any new video content. We spent some time last night going through the latest SD9/SD60/SD90 Users Manual and there is a TON of interesting things we look forward to sharing with you.

We plan to start shooting new footage this coming week. What features would you like to learn more about or see demonstrated?

Ketron SD90
Ketron SD90
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Would like to see how to import midi and audio files and where to store them as I have added hard drive
Also editing styles, a demo on adding arpeggios to styles, the live modeling feature and certainly the launch pad.

Good list Jim! I did get the video capture device connected and tested yesterday. Works great so it’s time to get started.

Thanks Klass, So it sounds like we should probably go back and re-visit connecting up and using our Wersi as a controller. That probably won’t be the first thing we cover but we will definitely add it to the list.

For everyone following along – Keep your ideas and suggestions coming. We want to ensure the topics are useful to you.

Would like to see your recommendations for setup between SD90 and sonic.
Has changed so much from 1st videos till now.
I suppose screen shots of most practical configuration would do it.
Then launch pad would be great.

Hey Jim, True we have changed the config a few times as we have learned more. Might do that more as a Wersi video but I’ll put that on the list. We have some big things planned for Launchpad. First, just a tour of all the various screens and how to put together a project. After that, we will be releasing content that you can use in a Launchpad project to supplement what is already available in the SD90.

We have one other IMMusic project we are currently working on that we need to complete before we start recording Ketron content, but it is coming…

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