Launchpad Questions, Feedback and Thoughts.

Launchpad is an exciting feature allowing you to mix-n-match on-board styles, MIDI and Audio clips in various ways. We just put together an example using some of the Ketron supplied content on our SD90. 

We are working on content that you can use to build your own Launchpad projects. Here’s what we are interested to learn more about:

1 – Are you a Launchpad user?
2 – What is Launchpad? I’ve never used it. Where can I learn more about Launchpad?
3 – What type of content would you be interested in? Bass Fills, Piano Runs, String Lines, Brass Hits?
4 – Write in your own thoughts on the type of content you would like to add to your SD9/SD60/SD90.

We look forward to your feedback and comments.

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Hey Jim,

We are doing quite a bit of testing out of different ideas. Some are MIDI, and some are audio based. We will be putting out a few videos showing basic Launchpad “how-to” and then might do a couple showing some of the loops and phrases we put together in a fully working Launchpad project.

Will be a launchpad user. Have seen AJ’s video and he did a quick fly by when I was there.
Havn’T used it yet myself.
Looking forward to all the features of the sd90.
Still working on finding the best midi configuration.

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