Ketron Products and Support

IMMusic is here to help the home organist and keyboard player with Ketron products and how you can use them to enhance your playing. Suited for both the home or pro player we offer the enhanced AjamSonic version which adds additional sounds, styles and MIDI/Audio files.

Electronic Keyboards:

  • Audya – 76 note semi-weighted keyboard
  • Audya5 – 61 note semi-weighted keyboard
  • SD9 – 76 note semi-weighted keyboard
  • SD7 – 61 key light weighted with internal amplification and sound system
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Sound Modules:

  • Audya4 – Same as the Audya5 keyboard above minus the keyboard
  • SD40 – Same as the SD7 keyboard above minus the keyboard and onboard amplification

Check out our video collection showing the setup of a Ketron SD40 with our Wersi OAX Sonic. We will be releasing additional videos showing how you can use the SD40 with other MIDI-capable keyboards along with using it with your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

Contact us at for more information and to place your order for any of the Ketron products listed above.