Ketron SD9 / SD60 / SD90 Technical Support

Have you ever wanted to use your Ketron SD9, SD60 or SD90 as a sound module in your MIDI studio? We have created just the information you need to do that. A whopping 93 pages of information that will show you all the information needed to access:

  • Factory Voices (accessed via MIDI In1)
  • Everything below is accessed via MIDI In2:
    • Voice Presets
    • Factory Styles
    • Factory Drum Kits
    • AjamSonic Voices
    • AjamSonic Styles
    • AjamSonic Gold Pack Styles
    • System Exclusive Command Strings

Purchase your copy now for immediate download. 

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hi Curt,

Is there any way to set up and utilize a pitch wheel function on the sd90?

Jim, Yes, the SD90 does respond to pitch wheel events. I’m guessing you want to use the pitch wheel on your Sonic? If that’s true, you have to have a user voice setup that is sending on one of the MIDI outs. By default, the Sonic will not send MIDI data out. It is routed to the internal MIDI channels.

I just tried it and it works… the values
FS6 is 5B
FS7 is 5C etc… all the way up to FS13 being 62….. (All in Hex)

Ha! I guess I should have read your post before I sent you the email earlier this morning!

Kurt – Thanks just purchased your support document.
I can create the Multi for Logic if you like – I am creating styles using Logic with the SD90 (testing).

The support document is missing the sysex’s for the soft tabs – i.e the 4 breaks, 4 fills, etc – any chance those can be added ? also for 6 FSW – what it I want to define 13 ( do the hex codes just keep incrementing or do that change at some point ?

Hi Greg,

Apologize for the delay. Just saw this was in the “pending” queue. We would be interested to see what you are doing with Logic. We would also be interested in hearing a style or two and helping spread the word on your efforts if you are interested?

Unfortunately, at this time Ketron doesn’t send out (or document) sysx for all of the soft tabs. As we discover them we update and add to the document. As you have probably figured out by now it is possible to control the 4 breaks, fills and a number of other things via the footswitch via sysex (even if you don’t have a footswitch – like us).

I haven’t tried to send something with a “larger” footswitch but I suspect you are correct regarding incrementing the values. I’ll give that a try this weekend and let you know.

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