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Hi Kurt thanks for all your hard work . I own a ketron sd 9 and also a Korg Pa4x both of them verry powerful keyboards honestly I expected more from ketron but there seems to be no competition between ketron and korg ketron comes up with some updates but is far behind on korg or Yamaha even Casio I remember korg pa4x before to riles 2.0 update was a simple toy after that was business ,they added nice instruments , styles and above of all easy to operate I’m wonder if Ketron is ready to compete with the Korg , Yamaha Casio etc. I own the sd9 sense June 2019 and I’m thinking to sale it I have friends that they ask me how do I like the sd9, honestly by this time I’m so disappointed,the keyboards freezes up and starts to have ghost sound, maybe guys like you , AJ and other sale dealers get together and push KETRON to come up with better than this chip updates thanks for all you are doing to the Ketron family Laurentiu

Hi Laurentiu,

All valid points. While we don’t own a Korg we do have other controllers and VST’s that we use along with an SD9 and an SD90. The other controllers include a Native Instruments S61 and S88 MKII, a Wersi Sonic OAX 700 and a Yamaha Tyros 5. To be honest we use VST’s 95% of the time vs the Tyros or the Ketron units. I think it truly depends on your environment and what you are trying to do. In our case, we are 100% a studio setup and not playing gigs multiple days a week. If you are playing out “x” days a week that’s a totally different use case.

hi i have one ketron sd 90 version -1.1.0 – 20.07.2018 after this version next uptade whice one will be right one ? i look ketron.it starts SD90 2.0.1 version how i can find oder updates

Have tried the samples. Like the organ sounds.
The others don’t seem any better than what’s in board the Sonic.

Thanks for all you do!!


Thanks Jim, I think the key point might be that while you and I have Sonic’s many don’t and may not even know what a Sonic is. This (I assume you are talking about the Vintage Organ Sample Pack?) gives those folks the ability to have sounds not normally found on a Ketron unit.

didnt update since i bought sd9 aug 2017 need to update. tried to download updates but cant open updates. hope you can help me. eamonn

I updated my SD-40 to 1.2.0 and then to 1.2.1., and don’t have any issues with latency. Perhaps you just need to re-configure the startup, which may have been overwritten by the update. Or perhaps, copying the old startup files (.startup, .accordion_setting and .organ_setting) to the root directory might work. I also have an SD-90 that I recently updated, and was able to keep my configuration post update as it was pre-update. Note that I can’t vouch for this with certainty, but both updates seem to work fine for both of my units. Also note that A.J. provided me the information about copying the old startup files, so it is most probably good information.

Thanks Dwayne for your info. I did not have any issues with the last two upgraded versions. I will try to reset the setting as per your suggestion and hope it would work.


I have an SD40 with 1.2.1 and was having a freezing problem. AJ mentioned a possible booting problem, which I assume is the same as you are referring to. He never did get back to me on it. I don’t want to cause further problems, but wonder if there is more info on this.

Bernie, is your “freezing problem” encountered when you turn on your SD-40? If so, read on.

Intermittently, I used to need to reboot both my SD-40 and SD-90 several times before it would actually turn on and ready itself for use. AJ suggested that the issue could be caused by a electrical power problem. I followed his recommendation to buy and use a good quality power conditioning bar, and the problem has since gone away. I live in a big city with reliable power so was surprised this could be an issue, but it seems to have resolved things for me.

Hi Curt,
Thanks for your videos. I have learnt so much from you. Hope you continue posting your how to videos so people can learn. I have some questions that need your help. I recently updated the new version 1.2.1 for my Ketron SD40 and I didn’t like it because there is a latency. I want to reload the previous version. Could you show me how Please.

Thanks Curt,


Thanks Curt for your quick response.
What can I do with out your helps?
Thanks again.


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