Ketron SD40 Style “Cool Funk” Demo

IMMusic Style Demo Series “Cool Funk”

Recently we released a few videos showing both voices and percussion sounds available in the Ketron SD40. In those videos, we sequenced each track, and we were using the SD40 more as a sound module. In our next demo series, we will be focusing on both the factory and user styles to play the accompaniment tracks. Said another way we will be using the SD40 as an Arranger module, which is how it is intended to be used.  We will add a lead line to go along with the style and depending on the style we might add another track or two. We will feature both factory and user voices as we go showing some of the possibilities of the SD40.

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Dave – Finally getting back to you on this. In your case (unless you are a DJ and I don’t know it) you are better off with your SD40. The MIDIJay target would be a DJ in a dance club environment. It has two “players” in it that will allow you to blend to different audio tracks together, switch between them, things like that. While the MIDIJay does have an “Arranger” section, the SD40 has more onboard styles. The front panels differ with the MIDIJay having controls on the front panel again more targeted for a DJ vs. the SD40 having controls that are more useful to a keyboard player.

Now, if you want a little from both worlds take a look at the SD90. It also has two players, tons of styles and the “Launchpad” feature which allows you to do some exciting things with mixing and matching MIDI and audio.

We will be getting our hands on an SD90 later this week and will be releasing a couple of demos, but I don’t think we will have it long enough to get into the Launchpad features.

Does that help at all?

Hi Curt, it certainly does help you have ticked all the boxes, my SD40 ticks all the boxes for me
I only wish that I could do something to promote Ketron here in the U.K. as nobody is doing
anything for it, I have always written software for Yamaha and Korg via my online business with
my partner Reg Rawlings, we also supply samples of Theatre Organs for Yamaha and Korg but
having played the SD7 and 40 they give both Yamaha and Korg a run for their money, and in
most areas leave them standing, I hope having the Ketron agency you will be able to promote
this amazing product and wish you every success with it.

Hi Curt, excellent track so loose it moves in and out of the groove, just my kind of music, thought
I’d take the time to give you an update on my SD40 setup with the Abacus on OAS, I am now able
to control the accompaniment tracks of the SD from the Wersi accompaniment volume drawbars
but because of the inherent irrational volume levels within the Wersi drawbars it is proving
difficult to say the least, this is a problem which has been in Wersi from day one and nobody
seems to be able to cure it, if any one has any idea of a possible solution it would be of help,
but at least I have proved that it can be done,
Keep you posted of future developments.

Very nice Dave. Sounds like you are making good progress on the Wersi / Ketron integration project!

Hi Curt, thanks for the words of encouragement, just had a thought it happens from time to
time, as you are a Ketron agent is it possible to review the Midjpro with a comparison to the
SD 40, does the Midj have an advantage over the SD ? it would be interesting to hear your views.

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