Ketron SD40 Sound Demo Project 06

Sound Demo 06 an Italian Feel?

Since Ketron are based in Italy, we thought we would do something in this sound demo that has a little bit of an Italian feel. Well, we hope you think it has that “feel”?

A little background on the project. We feature a Folk Guitar and the Cassotto Accordion in this piece. This will be the last demo we do for a while where we sequence all of the individual tracks. In a new group of videos coming out soon, we will feature the style and accompaniment section of the SD40. Like our earlier sound demos, all tracks in this video were recorded in Logic Pro. The controller keyboard used was a Native Instruments Komplete S61 MKII. And of course, all sounds are from the Ketron SD40.

Follow along in the coming months as we show different ways to use your SD40.

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Hi Dino,
We had to translate this to understand your question which is:
“hi .. how do you enter the tracks individually in logic”

Each part was recorded separately one at a time. For example, in the beginning, the only thing recorded on the first track is the Guitar. Then you will hear some of the percussion tracks come in. Each percussion sound is recorded independently with one sound per track. So we rewind the project to the beginning, insert a new track and record the next part one sound/voice per track.

Not sure if that answers your question or not?

Excellent video and excellent tune ! Oh yes! That Italian feel ! Your demo had really made me feel that “Italian feel”.

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