Ketron SD40 Sound Demo Project 03

A Short SD40 Dixieland Style Sound Demo

From time to time we will be posting short videos showcasing some of the sounds available in the Ketron SD40. This time around we play a short Dixieland style arrangement in our ongoing Sound Demo Project series. A little background on the project. All tracks were recorded in Logic Pro. The controller keyboard used was a Native Instruments Komplete S61 MKII. And of course, all sounds are from the Ketron SD40.

Follow along in the coming months as we show different ways to use your SD40. In this case, we used it as a sound module with our DAW.

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Hi Curt,
Can you demonstrate us several demos of the Auto Accompaniment rhythms of the SD 40?
Do you think like me that the Sonic 600/700 is weak in terms of rich Auto accompaniment styles ? And in terms of the STS incorporated with the styles that already are in it?
I don’t ask you about the quality of the SD 40 sounds compared to the WERSI’s , but if you have something to say, I’m here to hear.

Perfect timing Samuel. We have a couple more videos in the current “Sound Demo” series that will be released first but following that we are doing EXACTLY what you suggested. We will be releasing a new series of demos but the difference this time we will be using the Style’s in the SD40 so folks can get an idea of what they sound like. I’d love your feedback on those as they are released.

Like many things, styles are a subjective thing. What I like you may not like and vice versa. For my taste, many of the Wersi styles are a little too “European.” Having said that, they are a company based out of Germany!

As for STS – Not a feature that I use too much… Well actually, I never use it! Ketron offers something similar in that they do register various sounds based on the Style that you select and you can also have the lead voice change as you switch from variation “A,” to “B,” etc. of a style. Similar to STS on the Wersi you can turn that feature off and select your own voicing.

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