Ketron SD40 / HS9 Hand Switch

Steps Needed to Program Your HS9

We are starting a series of “how-to” type videos as we are learning more about our Ketron SD40. Today we released the first video where we go over the HS9 which is a programmable bank with nine buttons, so you don’t need to scroll to the correct screen directly on the SD40. The “button” assignment list is quite extensive allowing more than the “start/stop/break/fill switches you might expect to be programmed.

Just like the Sound Demo Series we recently started, we will be adding to our “How To” video series over time. We have some ideas of things we plan to cover but would welcome your input for topics you would like to see covered.

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Looking for HS 9 hand switch, if anyone has one I would be willing to pay $115.00 or I have a 6 pedal foot switch that does the same thing as the Hs 9 that does the same thing.

Love this site! You just helped me discover the mystery switch that came with my X4 is actually an old Ketron HS9 and can be edited via the Footswitch menu on the X4 too 👍

Big greetings from Germany!

I should add that i won’t be using it, so if anyone in or near Germany happens to want one, we should definitely talk 🙂 I will check if it works completely fine.

Hi Jim,

if you would ship to Germany I would take yours 😉 Except Rey would like to get HS9…



Last time I shipped to Germany was a nightmare.
Very expensive, was tied up in customs over three weeks.

i have a hand switch i do not use anymore. used twice. works fine.
can send pics if you want.

Hi Jim Krause,
Do you still want to sell that Ketron HS9 Hand Switch?
Please let me know.
I look forward to hearing from you very soon. Thanks

Hi Jim Krause,

Thank you so much for your reply.
Please email me at and let me know the price for your Ketron HS9 Hand Switch as well as the shipping fee.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you so much

Hi Curt,
Thanks, that worked using the Wersi pitch wheel to change the Ketron organ fast to slow rotor speed.
I appreciate your help!

Hi Don,

I don’t have an HS9 here to set it up, but yes. Check out this video where we set up a fast/slow rotor. We switched the setup from a footswitch control to using a modulation wheel on our controller.

Hey Dave,

Congrats on the new SD40. I’m sure you will enjoy it. I like the topic you suggested and not a section of the unit that I have spent much time with yet. Let me try a few things here over the next few days and I’ll whip up something on the Effect sections and how to access.

A quick look at the footswitch menu and it looks like you can access the EFX1 and EFX2 “buttons”. You don’t need to have a footswitch attached to scroll through the options. Take a look and see if that would help at all?


I’ve been pushing lot’s of buttons on the SD40, and I think I have an answer to your EFX question. There may be more than one way to do it, but I think you will want to create a User Voice and apply whatever effect you want.

I also hooked up the HS-9 again, and sure enough, you can assign both EFX1 and EFX2 to a “footswitch.” If you go that route, you can turn the effect on/off as needed vs. having it always on in a User Voice.

I am going to get started on a video to show the steps to create a User Voice first. Too much to cover that and the EFX section in the same video so EFX “fun” will come in a separate video.

Hi Curt,

Thanks for your reply, My fault I did not make myself clear, wen I mentioned EFX I meant
Sound EFX not DSP EFX now you have something els to figure out as if you have’nt got
enough already. Sorry!!

Hi Curt,
Interesting video of the HS9, you were asking for topics for future video’s, one I have is
regarding the sound EFX in the SD 40, as there are no physical buttons to place the EFX onto
how are you supposed to use them, as using them from the EFX screen does not allow you to
access any other screen, and yes, I now have an SD 40 as well as the SD 7 which I have hooked
up to the Abacus via Midi with most things working, very impressed with the set up.


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