Ketron SD40 Backup Steps

We look at two ways to create a Ketron SD40 backup

We just unpacked a brand new Ketron SD40. Before we start making any changes to it, we want to get a backup of everything “as delivered.” Follow along as we look at two ways to create a Ketron SD40 backup. It’s a simple process, and we would highly recommend you take backups on a regular basis. That would include both the system files and of course whatever audio files you have created in addition to any user styles or user sounds.

We prefer the first method we show. In that case, you connect your SD40 to your PC or Mac via USB. That will allow you access to all of the folders. From there it’s a quick and easy copy of all of the folders over to your computer. Once they are there, your normal computer backup process (you do have one right?) will back those files/folders up giving you multiple copies – Just in case!

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