Ketron SD* Commands Coming Soon

We’ve done a handful of videos showing you how to access the voices and styles remotely on your Ketron SD40. Some of the information needed is available in the SD40 Tech reference but not everything. Based on that we decided to dig under the covers and document some of the things that you might find useful.

In the coming days, we will release some charts to help you with sending back and patch changes for the following:

  • SD40 – Factory Styles
  • SD40 – AJAMSonic Voices
  • SD40 – AJAMSonic Styles
  • SD40 System Exclusive commands to “activate” some of the buttons located on the front panel.

Useful information if you want to control your SD40 from another MIDI capable device.

Stay tuned and watch for the release announcement. Following the SD40 “cheat sheet” we will be releasing one for the Ketron SD90.

Ketron SD40
Ketron SD40
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Whoops! My apologies. Something changed on our site, and it no longer notifies me of pending comments. Logged on to the site today to do some updates and found a bunch of comments waiting on approval. I guess, I better figure out why that isn’t working anymore!

Most things rushed to market show it’s consequence sooner or later. Rather take your time, as it will surely be of great value coming from you.


Hey Bernie, Spread the word to all of your Ketron friends. It is taking a little longer than we expected to work out a few of the details but we should have something available very soon.

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