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I didn’t forget about your question Jim – I’m having some much fun the wife might not see me for days! Watch for some video updates (and the answers to your questions) soon.

i know with both releases you have your hands full. take your time.
if i knew how i would just reset to the original factory settings and start over.

Jim – Almost caught up. Been having WAY too much fun messing around with Yamaha styles on the Sonic. Let me pass this along although from a quick read of your question the issue you are having is the MIDI mapping you are using. I’ll re-create what you are trying to do (at least what I think you want to do) and send you more info on Thursday – Friday.

For SD90 Soft Reset – Hold down Player1 and Save. Select Factory Startup and Reboot.


Wersi update and Ketron update on the same day.

Amazing!! Thanks for the heads up

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