Ketron Audya5 Style Demo

A few short style demos from Ketron Audya5

We were lucky enough to get our hands on a Ketron Audya5 for a few days. As we were poking around listening to some of the sounds and styles we thought we would hit record and share a few of the styles that we checked out.

Live Drums

Audya revolutionises the world of automatic accompaniment arranger workstations by introducing innovative audio sequences of drums and percussions. The rhythmic sections of traditional arranger keyboards, performed with drum set, are almost always very mechanical, lacking the emotions and feelings that a good drummer is able to offer. Audya overcomes these limitations with its rich library of audio settings. Real drummers and percussionists have collaborated in the project and their tracks have been adapted as a rhythmic section of the styles and can also be synchronised with MIDI files. The true novelty is the freedom to synchronise these tracks with your own music, in real time, without noticeable distortions or loss in sound quality.

Live Accompaniment

The revolution of Audya is not just limited to percussions. There are many audio accompaniments of acoustic and electric guitars which are playable in all keys and thus maintain the characteristic technique of most popular musical genders. This yields to tones and effects that would be otherwise impossible to achieve with just MIDI implementations alone. These live audio accompaniment parts too (just like the drums) are perfectly synchronised with the styles and can also be synchronised with MIDI files. They maintain their pitch even if and when the tempo is changed.

Take a listen and let us know what you think?

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