It’s Almost Time for Some New Videos

From our friends at FedEx – Your delivery is scheduled for tomorrow, 05/16 – See “Preparing for Delivery” for helpful tips.

What is it you ask? A video capture device that will allow us to record videos showing you the screen (we will be using a Ketron SD90) as we explore and share all the things you can do on the Ketron SD* series. Join us in our upcoming adventures.

In the past, we tried to shoot some video content with a camera and along with our lighting and other environmental issues = Not so good! We are hoping that a simple screen capture of our SD90 along with some explanation of buttons we pushed and how to use various features will be useful to you as a Ketron owner.

If you own a Ketron SDxx let us know what you would be interested in learning more about?

Stay Tuned!

Ketron SD90
Ketron SD90
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Simply interested in an overall explanation of the SD90 ’cause I intend adding this device to my OAX 600 in the future.

Great – It makes for an interesting addition. While we are in the current series of videos talking about MIDI maps we probably should cover how we use with Wersi. There are a couple of ways to do it.

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