IMMusic Forums Are Live!

You asked for it – You got it!

We just fired up a new section of the site that will allow you to start your own topics. We still have a few odds-n-ends to fine-tune, but the basic function is there.

To see the forums currently in place check out –

Make sure you read these two topics to get started.


I suspect we will have a slow start up period. If you think there is a forum that should be added let us know and we will consider it.

Who is going to first to get things started and create a new topic?

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If you cannot find the “Register” option in the top left of the screen, please comment on what operating system and web browser you are using. We tested on macOS (Catalina) with Safari and Chrome and Windows 10 running Microsoft Edge.

We had a report of the register option not showing up and are tracking down the root cause.

Thanks, Curt

Thanks to Geoff, I think we have solved this issue. I neglected to test on mobile devices, and the Menu Bar was not showing up on selected devices. Nonetheless, if you have an issue, please contact us or comment.

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