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A few years ago, we made some mistakes when setting up a blog vs. a forum, a Facebook page, and a Facebook group.

As you know, we recently set up a forum to improve the past mistakes mentioned above. A few of you sent us private e-mails suggesting some structural changes to the forum.

While we are limited a little by the toolset, we think we were successful in shuffling most of the data round to be a little better organized?

Take a look at the new layout and send your comments. We are always open to learning and improving how we share and learn from everyone in the community.

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I’m still not happy with the “look-n-feel” of the forum. I’ll be asking for a little more patience as I try to improve it. Well, at least I think I’m improving it? Everyone else might say, leave it alone!

Well, This little exercise didn’t quite go to plan. Things went downhill in a hurry. Everything is back, although some things in under a different topic vs. when originally posted.

Keep your posts and comments coming.

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