How to use Expansion Manager with your Yamaha Genos

Yahama Expansion Manager

Although we don’t have a Yamaha Genos, we still have a Yamaha Tyros 5 in our keyboard stash. We will admit we don’t use the Tyros as much as we did in days past. Pretty much everything we are doing these days is based on a Native Instruments Komplete 61 MK2 controller and various VST’s. Along with that, we are running Apple’s Logic Pro 10.x. to control everything,

Not trying to compare these two keyboards as they are both intended for different purposes. One is an arranger keyboard, and the other is a MIDI controller. None the less, If you are a Yamaha fan check out this post from our friend Leigh regarding how to use Expansion Manager. Hopefully something you can learn from and use in your studio?


Yamaha Genos / Komplete S61 Post
Komplete S61 MK2 Controller


Yamaha Genos
Yamaha Genos

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