Fun with Wersi Instruments

We have been longtime owners and fans of Wersi instruments. If you are not familiar with Wersi, you can learn more over at our other site dedicated to the Wersi brand.

Why this post? We had a customer suggest to add Wersi coverage to this site for folks that might be interested in sharing ideas with other Wersi enthusiasts. Since we are all about helping and sharing music and technology sounded like a good idea to us, here you go:

If you own a Wersi, want to own a Wersi or looking for Wersi help – comment away.

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I just joined the club. I’m looking for a pre-owned Wersi organ (white cabinet) such as the Scala, Atlantis or similar model, but they’re hard to find in the USA.

The new models are expensive.

Does anyone know where I can find one?


I have a White Scala but am not sure that I want to sell it even though I hardly use it.
I also have an Ikarus and Pegasus that I use more.


Thanks for your response. How old is your Wersi Scala and if you ever decide to sell it how much do you want for it?

Kind regards,


I have recently bought a Wersi Sonic 500 with Vocalis speakers . I absolutely love it. I haven’t come across a bad sound yet. I have made some nice registrations including some nice Klaus Wunderlich sounds.

Hi…I’m a composer,sound designer and a programmer as I’m trying to design my own customised keyboard as many high end keyboards are lacking many functions which are very useful for a top end musician,but as I have seen Wersi,I would like to know and see all the functionality for I can complete my passion on it..thanks

Saagar – It would help if you could share what type of functions are you looking for? Based on that, someone might be able to tell you if Wersi offers what you need.

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