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Hi there,

I have a question regarding the conversion of Yamaha styles. I am owning a PSR SX700 Yamaha keyboard. Hence there are many Yamaha styles available. I also have the Wersi style converter fpr Yamaha. How do I get the styles out of my Yamaha for the conversion with the style converter.

Do I have to download them from the keyboard or is there a way to do it with the YEM? Any idea is welcome 🙂



HI Juegen,

Not sure about the SX700 but on Genos you go into styles, select user then copy to USB. If you have no USB port I have copied all Genos styles onto USB. Could Email them if I had your address etc.



Hi Derek,

thanks for your reply. The SX700 has more or less the same operating system like the Genos. I have a USB port as well. So I´ll give it a try 🙂 If it won´t work I would come back to you and your offer. Really appreciated!



Carlo, thanks for sharing the styles with us. I have really enjoyed playing with them!! Wishing you the best from California.

Thanks for your kind words,Don.
I really appreciate that you like my styles.
And, every day i post a new one on the facebook-group “Wersi enthousiastic”
So, please follow that group.
Kind Regards, many greetings to California from Belgium.

Hi Carlo
I am away on holiday at the moment but I am excited to download your styles to my OAX800 later this week.
I would like to thank you very much and look forward to enjoying your works, very much appreciated. Kindest Regards

IMMusic and Carlo thank you for these beautiful styles.
I already have them in my Wersi and am trying them out.
I think it is very good that you want to share it with us.
Best regards from a Wersi hobbyist player ‘


Klaas, Glad to hear you are enjoying them. All the credit goes to Carlo. He has started work on another group, and we have been saving them. As soon as we get a good size group, we will release a new batch of styles. We will create a new post when that happens.

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