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    We want to welcome all of our old friends from the WersiClubUSA site to what we hope you find to be a new and improved way to discuss and share information about Wersi instruments.

    Anyone can read the various topics, but if you would like to participate in the discussions, you will need to register on the site.

    The main difference will be your ability to start a new topic of discussion. This is something that was sorely missing on the old site.

    Thanks for your patience as we slowly migrate from the old site to the Wersi forum here on the IMMusic site.


    Anthony Muckelt

    Hi Curt

    Thank you! The ability to set up new topics will be really useful. I’ve been a little reluctant to add my fairly basic questions to existing posts. Thank you for setting up the sites the information you are supplying is really valuable.



    Welcome, Anthony

    Bring on the questions. If we can’t help, one of the other owners probably can.

    Mark Robbins

    Hi Curt,

    All logged in. Looking forward to see how it goes.

    Will the old site be available for some considerable time, as some very useful topics over there, some of which may have future potential.



    Hey Mark,

    Yes, the old site will stay online with no updates to it.

    We disabled commenting to “help” folks migrate over to this location. The problem is that it also hides all of the existing comments.

    As you mentioned, there is a ton of useful content there. We plan to re-enable the old location comments in the future. Not so folks comment there, but to allow visibility to the data collected over the past couple of years.


    Dear Curt,

    thank you for setting up this Wersi Forum.

    Perhaps all participants create in the future many ideas how to make use of this forum.
    E.g. how to exchange arrangements of special tunes, ..ideas, …presets, the right styles, notes etc.

    I wish the forum the best for the future and a very good start.


    • This reply was modified 1 year ago by Kai-Uwe.

    Why have all the separate articles been jumbled into one section making it a pain to find anything?
    I understand splitting it into different types of instruments; however each instrument section should also have a different thread for each item to keep relevant answers together. (How it was previously with the threads just put in the relevant instrument section)


    Yea, I did get a little carried away and hit enter on the “merge” command without reading the fine print. 🙁

    For the most part, things should be back reasonably close to what was there before.

    My apologies to all for the train wreck over the past 24 hours while things were shuffled around.



    I’m looking for a pre-owned wersi organ (2 octave pedals). Scala, Atlantis or similar model.

    The new models are expensive. Do you know where I can find one in the USA?


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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