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      KETRON SD9 Manual & Tutorial describes the optional output for MIC-Singal:

      MICROPONE section found in page 117:-
      o OUT:- This is used to connect the output of the microphone and vocal harmonizer to an external mixer. This ensures total control of just the voice of the musician (e.g. using an external unit to add special effects to just the lead vocalist), while keeping the voice out of the general mix of the instrument.

      When using this output, I only get the pure MIC-Singal without harmonizer an reverb.
      Is there another setting, I should change to get the harmonizer on this output?

      Tx for help

      PS: When setting up the harmonizer in different settings to the Style Variation A,B,C,D (p.e. A, B harmonizer off; C,D harmonizer on) – would it be possible, to save different volume values of the harmonizer to the variations C, D ?

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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