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    Anthony Muckelt

    The date and time on the main screen on my OAX-800 is incorrect. Is there any way of correcting this in the OAX software or does this come from Windows 10? If the later what is the easiest way to correct the date and time? I note that the region in Windows 10 is set to Germany and I assume this shouldn’t be changed! However, this means that all of the Windows 10 information is in German and therefore finding where to change the date and time is a little awkward!

    Grateful for any guidance.



    HI Anthony
    No matter what the language of Windows everything is in the same place, so just change it on a normal Windows 10 computer (Make a note of where the buttons are) and follow the exact same procedure on the organ.
    1. Shut down OAX
    2. Tap the time at the bottom right of the taskbar
    3. Tap Date & Time Settings
    4. Change the Time Zone to your requirements (Make sure daylight saving time is set to on) and close the Window
    5. Tap the Windows start button and select shutdown followed by restart
    Once everything restarts (OAX can sometimes take a little time to sync with Windows) everything should be as you wish.



    Hi Anthony,

    Had that problem with my old 700 – you need to set in windows. Come out of OAX and connect a mouse and keyboard via USB to make it easy. just click on time bottom right and it should take you to time setting where you can set to greenwich mean time or what ever time zone you require. If that does not work right click on cursor icon bottom left go to settings then time language zone settings. I spent hours trying to do this with Trevor ( Allens Music) on the phone trying to do this as I have no windows PC to compare with. Then found my 700 was working with windows 8 not 10.
    OAX works on any windows / any version does not matter time or zone.

    Good Luck,

    Derek… PS if it came from Allens ring them, they should of checked that before delivering.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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