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      Is there somebody who can explain me what the relation in style is from an OAX to OAS.

      I wood like to know , how I can play OAX Styles in an OAS Instrument. All style files have the same .sty as extension , but when I trie to load an OAX style my OAS does not recognised this.

      But there still must be a conversion possibility , who can explain this to me ??


        It’s the same reason you cannot use a Tyros 5 style on a Tyros 2 keyboard or a later Roland instrument style on an earlier model, OAX has more sounds, drums etc. then OAS so OAS does not know what to do with it.

        BTW: sty is a Yamaha format style file, not a Wersi style file. (If you have the OAA on your OAS instrument then you can natively play Yamaha styles up to Tyros 2 so there are a boatload on the web you can download.

        As to conversions then Wersi is a niche market so not enough demand for convertors, however if you have the OAA the Yamaha styles are available in abundance so stick with these. (As I mentioned above)

        NOTE: if change the sty to mid you can open the style in a DAW (Or any Midi sequencer) and edit it to your hearts content (Just keep it in the same format) and then load it back in to your OAS instrument (Assuming it has the OAA) by changing it back to .sty.




          You can contact Carlo directly at I believe he is also releasing styles for OAS instruments.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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