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      On the German Wersi website home page it mentions wood finish versions and the new OAX900, (Which has been common knowledge for a time) however it also mentions a preview of the new OAX version with user STS pre-sets. Was this feature added in V2.90 or does it mean that a further update will be available in the near future.


      WERSI Zentrale


        I’ve been offline for a few days. We just moved into a new house, and that has been keeping me pretty busy. I fired up the Sonic over the weekend. (Yep, it survived the move – 😀.) I just poked around a little, and I don’t see anything that allows me to create my own STS configuration. It might be there, but not obvious. I don’t see anything in the 2.90 manual regarding that option either.

        Mark Robbins

          I sent an email to Uli a while ago with a Dev request to add an STS type feature, that was user configurable, to the Archive feature, so you can have multiple registrations for a given song. Let’s hope it does something along those lines – and no, I haven’t found it in 2.90 either.

          Robert Burgess

            This STS edit feature will be added in a 2.9+, according to Ulric (Wersi).

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