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    We are releasing a new single across all the major streaming services on 02/23. Of course, you can get an early listen here on our website.

    “Feelin’ Bluesy” – As you might guess from the title, is a blues tune!

    Recorded in Logic Pro. For a MIDI controller, we used a Native Instruments S88 MKII.

    Listen Now.

    Instruments used:
    Piano – Hammersmith from Soniccouture.
    Brushes – Moonkits from Soniccouture.
    Bass – Scarbee MM-Bass-Amped-Heavy from Native Instruments.
    Drums – Studio Drummer from Native Instruments.
    Muted Trumpet – Kontakt Brass from Native Instruments.
    Organ – Vintage Organs Basic Jazz 1 from Native Instruments.
    Trombone – Session Horns Pro Tenor Trombone from Native Instruments.
    Guitar – Evolution Jazz Archtop from Orange Tree Samples.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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