Vintage Organ Sample Pack 1

Vintage Organ Sample Pack 1 adds 30 new sounds to your Ketron SD9/SD90 or SD60. In this pack, we include sounds from the Wersi CD (Spectra and Atlantis) and Wersi DX (Delta/Beta) series of instruments. Everything you need is delivered in one Zip file. See our install video ( ) for the steps required to install on your Ketron.

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Can I hear some demos?

Here’s what’s included:


  • DX MuteTrump
  • DX Trumpet
  • Klaus Bigband
  • Spectra Brass
  • Spectra Flugl
  • Spectra Horn
  • Spectra MlSax
  • Spectra TBone
  • TrumpBone


  • Atlantis1
  • Atlantis2
  • Click Organ1
  • Click Organ2
  • DX Perc
  • Franz Theatre
  • Full Galaxy
  • Happy Organ
  • Klaus Special
  • Klaus Spectra
  • Spec Atlantis
  • Theatre Bars


  • DX Flute
  • DX Oboe
  • Fl Oboe Strg
  • Flute Oboe
  • Spectra Oboe
  • Spectra Sax1


  • Spectra St
  • Spectra Str2


  • Spectra Fligh