IMMusic Style Pack 05

Style Pack 05 – FREE styles you can import into your Wersi instrument in a mixture of genres.

Add to your collection with these styles from Style Pack 05. Once imported, you can modify the volume levels and the sounds used plus drumkits selected to suit your personal preference. Check out our YouTube channel and follow the simple steps.

Style Pack 05 for your Wersi OAS/OAX instrument is available as a free download to add to your style collection and this one is a “two-fer”. We added a video to show something that we recently learned about bank 84 in both OAS and OAX instruments. What the heck is bank 84 you ask? As we understand it bank 84 is a collection of voices that are intended for use in the “ACC” tracks in styles.  Now, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use any OAS/OAX voice in a style but the voices in bank 84 have been “tweaked” by Wersi for use in a style track.

Style Pack 05 includes a mix of styles with a slight change from our past Style Packs. This time we included one style called “NylonJazz” that will not play correctly. You will find that the guitar part plays one octave to low. In the past, we would have deleted this style and moved on but we thought this was a decent style and a great opportunity to show you the option of using “bank 84” to make this style a “keeper”.  Watch this short video for more on using “bank 84”: