Carlo OAX Styles – October 2021 (Group8)

We have another group of styles for your OAX instrument from Carlo. This is the October 2021 collection. If you own a Wersi OAS instrument, contact Carlo directly at for information on how to get the same styles for your OAS instrument.

What’s included this time:

Country Rock&Roll.stw
Felicita Schlager 12-8.stw
Quando Samba.stw
Que Sera Sera Waltz.stw
Rain Again SynthPop.stw
Raining In_8Beat Rock.stw
Raining Men Disco.stw
Ramona Rock.stw
Red Red Wine_Reggae.stw
Relight My Fire_80’s Disco.stw
Remember Me_CountryBeat.stw
Return to Me_Rhumba.stw
RichMan Zirtaki.stw
Rock Heaven.stw
Rock Me_Boarischer Rock.stw
Rocky Mountain Lady_Country Guitar.stw
RollOverBeethoven Rock&Roll.stw
Roller Beat.stw
Roses are Red SlowSwing.stw
Rote Rosen Regnen EnglishWaltz.stw
Rote Rosen Schlager_8-Beat.stw
Roter Mund SchlagerShuffle.stw
Route 66 Swing.stw
Soft Reggae.stw
Tijuana Taxi Foxtrot 1.stw
Tijuana Taxi Foxtrot 2.stw
Tijuana Taxi Foxtrot 3.stw
Time of my Life_16 Beat.stw
Time to say Goodbye_Ballad.stw