Carlo OAX Styles – November 2021 (Group9)

We have another group of styles for your OAX instrument from Carlo. This is the November 2021 collection. If you own a Wersi OAS instrument, contact Carlo directly at for information on how to get the same styles for your OAS instrument.

What’s included this time:

Bavarian Polka.stw
BigBand Slow Swing.stw
Brush Tango.stw
Ein Schiff SchlagerBeat.stw
Fast BigBand Swing.stw
Medium Swing.stw
Mendocino DiscoFox.stw
Red are the Roses SchlagerWaltz.stw
Sail Along OldieSlowRock.stw
Samba Pa Ti LatinBeat.stw
San Antonio CountrySwing.stw
San Francisco LatinDisco.stw
Satin Doll MediumJazzSwing.stw
Satisfaction Rock.stw
Schaefer Waltzer.stw
SchauInMeineAugen 8-Beat.stw
Schlager Rock.stw
Schuerzenjaeger Rock.stw
Schunkel Waltz.stw
September DiscoFunk.stw
SexBomb DancePop.stw
Shakatak’s FunkBeat.stw
Shaking Twist.stw
She’s All I Got CountrySong.stw
She’s a Lady 80’s Beat.stw
Shoop BeatRock.stw
Spanisch Cumbia.stw
Western Scottisch.stw