Carlo OAX Styles – May 2022 (Group15)

We have another group of styles for your OAX instrument from Carlo. This is the May 2022 collection. If you own a Wersi OAS instrument, contact Carlo directly at for information on how to get these styles for your OAS instrument.

Show me other OAX styles that I can download.

What’s included in this group:

AlmostLikeASong Ballad.stw
ImWagenVorMir Foxtrott.stw
Immer Wieder DiscoFox.stw
InTheShadow RockBeat.stw
IslandInTheSun Rhumba.stw
ItHadToBeYou SlowFox.stw
Its My Life RootRock.stw
ItsNowOrNever PopRhumba.stw
Jackson Country.stw
Jambalaya CountryFox.stw
Jede Nacht GypsyBeat.stw
Jesus ClassicalChurchWaltz.stw
Jetzt Geht Los PartyPolka.stw
Jezabel GypsyLatin.stw
Johnny B Good Rock’nRoll.stw
Julie CountryShuffle.stw
JumpInTheLine CarribeanLatin.stw
Just Because Country2Step.stw
Just a Gigolo BigBandJive.stw
Just4You RootPop.stw
OneOfThoseThings BigBandSwing.stw
VanHalen RootRock.stw