Carlo OAX Styles – December 2021 (Group10)

We have another group of styles for your OAX instrument from Carlo. This is the December 2021 collection. If you own a Wersi OAS instrument, contact Carlo directly at for information on how to get the same styles for your OAS instrument.

What’s included in this group:

BigBand Shuffle.stw
Dixieland 2.stw
Driving Home 4 Xmas Fox.stw
FelizNavidad XmasRock.stw
LastChristmas XmasBeat.stw
Moviestar DiscoFox.stw
MusiWelt Boarischer FastPolka.stw
Music is the Key PopBallad.stw
MusicBox Beat.stw
My Baby BrushShuffle.stw
My Girl 8-Beat.stw
Oberkrainer Polka.stw
River Kwai March.stw
SantaClaus Rock.stw
Sierra Madre SlowRock.stw
Skandal NDW Rock.stw
SleighRide X-mas Quickstep.stw
SlowRock 2.stw
SmokeOnTheWater Rock.stw
SomeBrokenHearts Country2-4.stw
Something Beautiful RockBeat.stw
StilleNacht SlowWaltz 1.stw
StilleNacht SlowWaltz 2.stw
Wann Fangt d’Musi An PolkaPop.stw
Warm Xmas Beat.stw
WinterWonderland Swing.stw
ZirkusRenz Polka.stw