Carlo OAX Styles – April 2022 (Group14)

We have another group of styles for your OAX instrument from Carlo. This is the April 2022 collection. If you own a Wersi OAS instrument, contact Carlo directly at for information on how to get these styles for your OAS instrument.

Show me other OAX styles that I can download.

What’s included in this group:

EinBettImKornfeld PartyDanceFox
GaryMoore BluesBallad
GotYouUnderMySkin Swing
I Love Rock’n Roll
I’ll be seeing You MediumSwing
I’ll be your Baby Tonight SlowBallad
Imagine Ballad
InTheMood BigBandSwing
InTheMoodForLove SlowBallad
LeavingItUpToYou SlowRock
MidnightSpecial 8-Beat
Montevideo Samba
MoonRiver SlowWaltz
MoonlightInVermount SlowSwing
Morgen SlowFox
MoskauMidnight Ballad
MostBeautifulGirl CountryBallad
MotorCity Beat
Standard Schlager 3
TheWorldOnAString Swing