Ketron SD1000 *INS file for Cakewalk

Using Cakewalk with your Ketron SD1000

The studio environment is where the SD1000 is at its best. It can be connected to a computer (PC or Mac) via USB or a MIDI cable (if you have a MIDI interface). Using sequencer programs such as Cubase®, Logic®, and Sonar®, you can add the SD1000 to various music applications (sequences, MIDI files, jingles, etc.), fully exploiting its powerful sound versatility. In addition to standard General MIDI sounds, the unit contains additional sound banks hosting voices from Pianos, Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Drums, etc.

If you own a Ketron SD1000, you already know that there are not many controls on the unit itself. As mentioned above, the SD1000 is designed to be used from a DAW. If you are a Cakewalk user, we have a *.ins file that you can download to allow easy access to all the banks and sounds. We put together a short video showing how easy it is to access both the banks and voices.