The Challenge Series is Back!

We are re-introducing our Challenge Series. Each piece is written with a focus area to help you improve your playing.

Here’s a short example of Challenge #1 intended to help with your Right-Hand dexterity.

We offer a sheet music only option which is free, and available to download from Musescore.

If you are interested in also having the backing tracks to play along with check here. The complete set includes:

  • An audio recording of us playing the piece at the performance tempo for your reference.
  • A PDF file of the music notation.
  • A second recording at the performance tempo minus the left and right-hand parts.
  • And finally, a third recording at a slower practice tempo for you to use as you learn the arrangement.

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How do I print the score, let alone get the backing tracks? I have signed into my MuseScore Account, but it still wants another fee.

Hmm – That’s not right. I just tried it. I see the issue, and it ties to copyright. As a temp fix, I’ll send you the music as a PDF. If you want the backing tracks, they are available at True, those are not free, but the download includes the backing tracks and sheet music.

Thank you for catching that, Spike, and letting me know.

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