Carlo OAX Styles – July 2021 (Group5)

We have another group of styles for your OAX instrument from Carlo. This is the July 2021 collection. In addition, we have some great news if you own an OAS or Pegasus Wing instrument. Carlo has started to release the same styles in the needed format for those devices. To learn more about how to get access to those styles, please take a look at

If you own an OAX instrument, download from here, unzip the file, and enjoy!


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Hi All,
Yes I am seeing the Question Mark in Group 5 & 6 – never seen before??

Have loaded into my iMac as normal ( Apple unzip’s auto ) all files show a Black Triangle with a question mark in. This is also shown on my 500 – all install OK and play OK.

Derek………PS. Thanks yet again Carlo!!

I have downloaded the group 5 style zip,generously supplied by Carlo,and made available by yourself.
Unfortunately when I open the file,the styles are all proceeded by a question mark,and will not play on my 500.Am I doing something wrong?Thanks in advance.


Hmm – It looks like you are right, Steve. Never noticed that. My first guess is there is a difference in the language settings between you, I, and Carlo.

The good news is they still load and play, and you can rename the style and remove the offending character.

On a side note, I’m uploading group 6 as I type this, and I see it has the same “?”…

Does anyone else have this issue?

Thanks for the beautiful styles group 4 and 5!
I’ve already put them back in my Wersis.
And Curt thanks for the download option
Kind regards

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