Cakewalk Support for Ketron SD4, SD40 & SD1000

Easy Access / Cakewalk support for Ketron SD series voices and banks

Both the Ketron SD4 and SD1000 are intended to be used in a studio environment. Both modules can be connected to a computer (PC or Mac) via USB, or a MIDI cable (if you have a MIDI interface). Using sequencer programs such as Cubase®, Logic®, or Cakewalk®, you can take advantage of the sounds in a variety of music applications. These range from sequences to MIDI files or even Jingles, In addition to standard General MIDI sounds, both units contain additional sound banks hosting voices from categories such as Pianos, Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Drums along with others. Although we rarely use Cakewalk at this point, there are lots of loyal Cakewalk customers still out there. Adding Cakewalk Support of your Ketron SD4 or SD1000 is as easy as downloading the file(s) below.

If you own a Ketron SD4 or SD1000, you already know that there are not many controls on the units themselves. As mentioned above both of these modules are designed to be used from a DAW. If you are a Cakewalk user, we have a *.ins file that you can download that will allow easy access to all the banks and sounds. It’s much easier to fully exploit the powerful sound versatility of each module from your DAW when the banks and voices are “human-friendly” vs. looking up the MIDI LSB/MSB/Patch information to select a sound. We put together a short video showing how easy it is to access both the banks and voices:

All files are free – Enjoy!

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