Building a Multi-Track MIDI Sequence

Using a Ketron SD90 as a Sound Module

Ever wonder how a MIDI sequence is put together? Follow along as we record a simple arrangement of a beautiful tune that allows you to see each part as it is recorded.

While the Ketron SD90 has a ton of styles that you can play along with we opted to use it as a sound module and record all of the various parts. Sometimes referred to as “Backing Tracks” or a “MIDI Sequence.”

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Hey Darius,

The short answer is no. It is possible to see “some” of the instruments assigned to various parts but not really in the format that I suspect you would like to see.

Thanks Kurt for this very interesting video!
I have a question about “how to assign the various voices (piano, bass, French horn…) to the various midi channels.”
I know that the sequencer software (here Logic) and the controller keyboard can send MIDI information to the SD90, so that the choice of a specific voice can be made from within the software or the keyboard.
But what about the SD90 itself? Is there any possibility to see the 16 MIDI channels and their associated voices on a single screen, and change all 16 voices from there?
Best regards,

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