Adding an SSD to Your Ketron SD90

Looking to add more storage to your SD90? Sure you can use external USB sticks, but we opted to install a permanent drive internally. Follow along with us as we go through the process. Once completed you can store a ton of music and access it all quickly from the SD90.

And don’t forget the SD90 can be used with MIDI, Karaoke, MP3, Wav, and video files. 

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Thanks for Your answer. I really enjoy Your videos and tutorials of the SD90. They were partly the reason why I bought a SD90 instead of a Genos. And I am very satisfied with my choise after have lived with (and loved) a Roland G70 for several years. I am sure I would have been satisfied with the Genos too, but I love the SD90 more and more, the more I get acquainted with it.

Are there any advantages of using an extra SSD instead of USB sticks (other then that You don´t have to keep track of the sticks – and of course the possibility of larger available disc space)?

Hi Michael – I think you nailed it. I would only add that the internal device might be a tad faster although I can’t confirm that with hard numbers. We use the 2nd internal drive for things that we know we will use “forever”. We use USB “sticks” and even tried an SD card for things that are a bit more transient. That would include copying new styles, samples, etc. from either a stick or SD card to the 2nd SSD. In reality, we prefer to connect via USB cable our SDxx to a computer and use that to manage and transfer “whatever”‘ to the 2nd internal SSD. We try to leave the factory SSD alone as much as possible.

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